We don't yet manufacture the tripod leg-holders for this. Still, it's not too hard to run toothpicks through the base at three points around the rim and cover them with aluminum tubing. Or, you could rig something up like what you see in the video. Any kind of tripod ought to work.

These look particularly interesting lit with LED lights and hanging by dental floss from the ceiling.

Demo Video


Make the UFO components by trimming the bottom, extracting the dome, and making a small tube. Obviously, if you want to make a ramp, then you'll have to leave one of the panels intact.

Poke toothpick-sized holes in the components by using a pushpin and the punch/thumbnail. Assemble the components with an axially-placed toothpick as shown in the video below. Backlight with flashlight or insert red led light inside.

To make a generic UFO, just use a straw for the stand and forget about the gangway ramp.