The video really speaks for itself. I caution you:  be very gentle when curving the panels into a curved shape to make the turtle shell.

I've got different techniques for making the back. Sometimes, I just cut the box-shape off completely. Other times, I use paper clips, staples, tape, or superglue to hold the top strips together. It depends on my mood and what's around.

For a more authentic look, you can print out a turtle shell and drop it in the center well. If you download from the pdf file below, and if your printer is set to print at actual size, then it should be perfectly sized for a standard can.

Print it out at actual resolution, in a 1-to-1 ratio, by adjusting the output on your pdf print settings menu.

We do not yet sell the plastic heads and turtle-baby top clips. We thank you for your patience.

By the way, the turtle makes a great business card presenter or candy dish for your desk.

Notes: use third square from top (upper/lower corners) to poke staple-hole for arched shell.