Why pay for Hot Wheels track when you can make your own? Or mount these to a wall to make a back-and-forth cascade for a ping-pong ball or toy car to travel as it "falls" down the wall to the floor.

Combine them with your real Hot Wheels track to make longer structures.



Grab your ruler and start folding.

The sheeting is made, of course, by removing the top and bottom of the can and then cutting (or folding back and forth till it breaks) the resulting cylinder. Unroll the cylinder by stroking it against the corner of a table — preferably a rounded corner.

If you need strength, you can double-up on the supports. If you need higher walls, then staple sheeting to the side or make your walls higher.

Connect the track segments with folded aluminum strips taped to the underside. If the track needs to curve, then make a shorter segment with ends that are cut at the appropriate angle (e.g., 22.5 degrees each for a 45 degree bend; two of these for a 90 degree turn). If your track needs to curve up or down (and/or side-to-side, and/or loop-de-loop), like a roller coaster, then you'll need the special plastic attachments that we don't sell yet. Thanks for your patience.