First, make an 8-slice can. Cut off the top. Extend the strips 90 degres.

Then poke a toothpick-sized hole in the center of the tail segment near the base, making sure to poke from the inside-can side through to the outside-can side. Then take the tail strip and curl it forward toward the center. Place the adjacent two strips across each other so they pass over the tail strip.

Fold the end of the tail strip back over the adjacent strips. Fold the ends of the adjacent strips over and under (respectively) the tail strip and then align and press everything into place.

Curl the swan wings so they sweep majestically back over the body. Cut the wing tips as shown; and add slices to the wing tips for an individual-feather effect.

Make the swan head as shown. Generally, it helps to make the eyes first, then cut the head shape, then curl the neck into shape. Attach a styrofoam or cork board to the underside if you want it to float.

It can be easier to use staples to hold the tail together, if you've mastered that technique.