Fragrant Wax Melting Dish


Fragrant wax cubes are a pleasant addition to a room. Just heat these with a light and let the fragrance oils from the wax permeate the room.

It's a great idea to savor the odor of wax melting in a can that sits on your desk.

In fact, this idea is so bright, it's IN-CAN-DESK-SCENT!

The simplest way to heat the wax is from the radiant heat emanating from an incandescent light bulb placed near the smellephant. Alternatively, the heating element extracted from a low-temperature glue gun (10 watt; 190 max temp) makes an excellent heat source too. As the pictures show, it can be placed on a plate, or hung by a paperclip inside the smellephant, or placed on an internal platform.

The melting dish is made from three cans. The outer can-layer presents the right-side-up exterior to the viewer, so it looks like a normal soft drink can. The next layer is an inverted can with its bottom removed, which forms the upper dish for holding the wax. The innermost layer is a can that has its bottom removed. It serves as a platform for elevating the heating element so it can better heat-up the melting dish. The cord is passed down the mouth-hole of the innermost can, then through a small hole in the bottom of the middle can, and then through a long slit in the back of the outermost can.

You'll want to throw some pennies in the bottom of the can before enclosing everthing so that it's properly weighted down. And yes, the top of the can gets warm enough to melt wax (about the temperature of boiling water), so be careful.

Incensed Elephant

To make the bellyholder, you can affix an upside-down lego head using a pushpin (which takes a while and a lot of pressure to insert). Or, you can use a coffee straw or anchor plug that has been sealed at one end with a screw (#5 for coffee straw).

Or twist a paperclip around a nail to make a torsion spring that holds the end of the incense stick.

Change Dish

In either the Incense Burner style or the Fragrant Wax style, the Smellephant can act as a change dish. This adds stability so you don't have to fill the bottom with heavy plaster or an equivalent.