This is Stan D. Roid, who goes by his nickname, "Standroid." He's a Coke-head. He's a redhead. And he's thin-skinned. He may be hardcore "metal," but he's a stand-up guy. He's the D. Roid you're looking for.

Standroid has an interesting resume:

  • From 1970 to 1981, he tried to teach the world to sing — in perfect harmony.

  • In the '80s, he was a professional cyclist. He's cycled before, and he'll cycle again. Recycling is his thing.

  • He recently quit his job as a soda can disposal technician. It was soda pressing.

  • He's currently running for Congress. Stan believes in the little guy. He thinks we should support individual manufacturing.
  • Stan is a Buddhist who believes in reincanation. He is currently trying to bring his deceased wife back to life.



Make an 8-slice can and scissor off the top. Make two angled folds to make each arm and one fold to make each leg. Scissor off the toes at the correct angle so he stands flat.

Fold the head panel forward, then back a few millimeters out, so you can make the neck. Scissor his head into the shape you like and poke out his eyes.

Make the tripod by standing him up, then bending the last panel at a 90-degree angle at the precise point where the tip of the panel will rest on the floor.

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