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We do not yet make the plastic parts for this design, and we thank you for your patience.

The cannon is basically a big tube. The crossbar on which it sits is a toothpick covered by a smaller tube. The platform is a strip with folded edges and a cut-out for the crossbar. The wheels are shown in a single wheel configuration, but if you double them up by stacking two together on each side, then the toothpick will more easily maintain a horizontal alignment.

The connection between the end of the barrel and the platform is similar to the mechanism for making the tank pivot, so the generic version of the connection would look something like this:

The nuts that hold the wheels on should be toothpick clips or pierced segments of straw like this:

The mechanism that connects the barrel to the crossbar is a bit trickier. I've stuck a toothpick through the crossbar and platform that pierces the tube, which is a bit precarious and difficult to balance. If you come up with a better way, please let me know.

You'll notice in the examples that I've put a tube within a tube for the barrel. This isn't functional; I just thought at the time that an extendable barrel would be interesting.

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