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First, remove only the bottom. To index to the correct height, you'll want to drop the centerfinder wheel into the bottom of the sleeve; then insert the can upside-down before cutting off the top.

It helps to enlarge the mouth of the can. This gives your phone-flashlight more positions to shine-from inside the can. Enlarge the mouth by pressing the side of the slider against the lip of the mouth at an inward angle (less than 90 degrees) until it cuts into the metal. Then continue pressing until you have segments of metal that you can manually push-in.

If you're using the sleeve as the projector and the wheel as the lens, you should bend in the lip of the open end of the can on two sides, as shown in the photos above. This presses the wheel against the bottom of the sleeve and holds it there.

You can make your own custom lenses by cutting out a shape from cardboard, paper, or aluminum can sheeting and then adhering it to clear, flat glass, acrylic, or clingwrap. Alternatively, you can draw a shape on the acrylic with lipstick, nail polish, a permanent marker, or a similar material. Or, sandwich your cut-out between two thin sheets of acrylic.

If it's not clear from the pictures, I'm using my phone's flashlight as a light source.

These are perfect for a shadow-puppet show!

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