These are surpisingly useful. For example, I use a hanging lid to mark which of several towels I last used, so I can be sure to grab the dryest one next time. Alternatively, I could flip it over and have messages on each side stating either, "Dry" or "Damp."

Other messages for other circumstances could include:

  • Clean/Dirty
  • Privacy Please / Waiter Needed
  • Order #54
  • Claim Check #27
  • Mail/No Mail
  • Dog Fed/Not-Fed
  • Newest/Oldest
  • Last Cleaned (Maintained) on: 1/5/17

Similarly, I use a small, discreet aluminum strip of can around the temple arm of my glasses to distinguish my reading glasses from my identical distance glasses.


To make the lid, just extract the disc. For the strip, just be sure to deburr it first.