Join the Aluminati!

It's fun to transmogrify cans into desk toys.

  • You look
    as you turn trash to treasure.

  • Aluminators™ make
    good gifts

  • It's like owning a
    toy factory

  • The Aluminator is not just a crafty set of tools. It's a
    party trick
    , a
    , a
    , and a great way to entertain yourself. Your memorable gifts will surprise, delight, and inspire.

Turn cans into fun!


Aluminum can sheeting is thinner and weaker than you would expect. It's like paper; it's flexible and flappy. And the sheet is typically curled back at the edges by the action of the sliding tool.

Once people have handled an Aluminoid, they usually think: "This isn't nearly as dangerous as I thought; this seems pretty safe."

It's like touching blunted scissors that are "anchored" in shaving cream. The scissors sink without cutting.

But don't prejudge Aluminoids on looks alone. Touch one. See for yourself how harmless they are.