Ever play Hangman with a tangible hang-man? Add drama and dimension to your game!

By the way, I'm not a neo-Nazi; I'm Jewish. I just thought, "If I'm gonna hang somebody, it should be Adolph."

We do not yet sell the plastic components for making this. Thank you for your patience. Fortunately, you can make a generic version of him.


You'll need to: slice the side of the can to make panels, use those panels to make small tubing, cut the tubing to sizes appropriate for the torso, arms, and legs, trim off the top for the head, trim the bottom for the platform, and staple the tubes together for the gallows.

The generic hangman figure adds clear straw segments, a staple, string, a pushpin, and adhesive tape. The head is attached to the noose by dental floss or string wrapped around the neck, which is then routed with tape around the screaming mouth. To attach the legs, I inserted tubes into two ends of a straw segment, folded it in half, then stuffed it into another straw extending out from the pelvis. For the neck, I inserted the middle of the arms-straw into the throat-tube, then stuffed the neck-straw into it.

For the platform, you could build it with a straw the same way you build the platform for a pinwheel.

Bonus Material

Can't decide who to hang or who to save? Then consider the people on the following pdf. Print 'em out and hang 'em up.

These should print at the correct size for the head-mount, but if not, verify that your pdf-print-settings are set to print at a 1-to-1 ratio. Some lids are smaller than others, so you might have to play around with the dimensions.

For extra fun, put your friend's picture on Hangman. You could also maintain a "rogue's gallery" of a row of permanent victims on your shelf, but you might have to explain it to a psychiatrist one day.