We do not yet manufacture the plastic components for making this. Thank you for your patience.

Still, you can make a generic version of them by cutting cardboard or aluminum sheeting into a frame and stapling it to a can bottom. The can bottoms are made by removing the bottom of the can and then trimming the bottom. The eye-holes were made using an awl.

Be very careful when using these. You can get decent vision looking forward, but you have no peripheral vision, which can be dangerous. I suppose that these could work as snow goggles in an emergency situation to prevent permanent damage from snow blindness, but I'm not a doctor or survivalist, so I can't be sure.

You may want to print out eyes to glue onto the "eyeball." I've made a few. They're here, so click an eyeball below if you want to download them:

Print it out at your preferred size by adjusting the output on your pdf print settings menu.

Have fun printing out your own custom"eye"zd eyes (e.g., lizard, bloodshot, anime, drugged, squinting, fire, sparkling, half-open, or heavy make-up).