You can put a cup inside a cup to make a gift box. Just leave a crack in the top rim so you can peel away an opening and tape up the other parts of the rim with clear Scotch Tape.

The gift box can also be secured with superglue or rivets. If you don't know how to use a rivet, click here.

If buried, the gift box makes a nice waterproof-ish time capsule.

You can also transform the gift box into a mailing tube.

Just seal it with a rivet and/or superglue, then wrap it with white letter-paper, tape it up, and write a mailing label on it. Voila! You saved $1.50 by not buying a small mailing tube or cardboard box. You may need to make sure it is at least 6 inches in length under USPS packaging regulations, so you can lengthen it by pulling the halves a bit apart. If you do, it helps to put the assembled tube into the sleeve so it's braced appropriately before you poke-in the pushpin/punch/slider to make the starter hole for the rivet.]

You can also use an ordinary can as a gift box if the items you want to put inside of it (e.g., currency and a rolled-up note) will fit through the opening. Just remove the top of a second can and rivet it onto the top of your original can. Write your label (e.g., "Happy Birthday! From Emma to Alyssa") on the exterior with a permanent marker. Then make a narrow slot in the side near the top using a pushpin, and then a steak knife. They can start tearing open the can from this slot.


The Instructions page of this website explains how to remove the top and install a rivet.