Fidget Spinner



This design blends the pinwheel head and the 3D photo. You can follow the instructions there to learn how to make it.

You can hold the toothpick/shaft loosely in one hand as you spin it with the other. Or, you can make a simple bearing by inserting the toothpick into a section of coffee straw or a greenie (the white size works best).

It's not necessary to lubricate the toothpick, but it will run quieter and longer if you put waxy lip balm or olive oil on the friction areas.

If you double-up on the top lid as your platform, that will help keep the toothpick axially oriented. In other words, it's less likely to wobble as it spins.

This design is good for demonstrating gyroscopic principles like conservation of angular momentum and the odd sideways force you get as you try to change the axis of rotation. And, of course, it doubles as a picture frame (wall-mounted or desk-mounted).