1. Elephant-making is a symphony of violence, involving these steps:

  • • Trap the can in place with several pushpins.
  • • Poke out the eyes and dig around to enlarge the holes.
  • • Scratch the ears, tail, and asscheeks so you can cut these marks later.
  • • Poke all the holes.
  • • Stab your knife in the trunk, head, and leg slots and slash away.
  • • Yank out the elephant.
  • • Slice off the earplates.
  • • Scissor the scratch marks to make the butt, tail, ears, and tusks.
  • • Trim the feet.
  • • Staple-in the ears and belly.
  • • Bend the head and trunk into shape.

2. If anyone comments on your elephant, just respond, "I can't talk about her. She's in the room."

3. Click here for more information on the Smellephant and the Incensed Elephant.

4. Regrettably, Ellie involves a lot of scissor work; still, the basic sleeve is useful for making the legs and underbelly. The center finder is useful for making staple holes when (i) you want to attach the underbelly panels to its opposite panel with staples or (ii) you want to attach the ears to the head.