How to Make Specific Aluminoids™

Click a Design:

Pinwheel yellow disco light Standroid Elephant Turtle Charm Bracelet Scorpion Fidget Spinner 3D Photo Porthole Pic Fighter Gift Box Bookmark Tealight Swan Crab Hovercan Resonator Canimation Checkers Chess Roulette Goggles Track Clicker Giraffe Jellyfish Spider Octopus Cobra Picture Frame Sleeping Mask Soda can light switch cover Soap Dish Valet Ashtray Planter Tip-Holder Coaster Flippin' Label Cup Crazy Hat Fingernails Ornament Dry/Erase Mobious Strip Party Chain Kaleidoscope Smellephant Alien Pooltoy TIE fighter Disco Candle Spy Cover Fire Sculpture Cookie Cutter Napkin Ring Starburst Slip-On Beer Covers Coozie Weathervane

Advanced Designs:

These designs are not taught or offered as part of the Aluminator kit. They require greater care and skill, and/or they require parts that we do not yet manufacture. Perhaps one day we will expand our product line to include these.