Star Wars AT-AT



We do not yet sell the forms necessary to make this Aluminiod. Your patience is appreciated.

I made this AT-AT by 3D-printing a plastic stencil from which I could trace/score a pattern using a pushpin. Then I cut it with scissors. I suppose you could do the same thing with a stencil printed on paper.

I removed the top and bottom of two cans, cut their sides, and unfurled the two cylinders to make aluminum sheeting.

Using the pattern, I cut and folded the sheeting to make C-shaped shells that I taped together in perpendicular orientation to make a kind of "box" that fit over the leg structure.

The leg structure was made from an 8-slice can.

The head was made by wrapping one panel of the 8-slice can around a 3D-printed head-form, trimming its sides, and then wrapping and trimming other aluminum strips around the sides of that head-form.

The photo is a bit cofusing, because the head is a separate piece just resting on the flat stencil.