Video Stand


Does your phone case not have a pop-up stand? No problem.

Just rig one up quickly with your Aluminator. Impress everyone around you with your creativity.

Demo Video


The precise shape of your video stand will depend on the dimensions of your phone — particularly its thickness. Mine's an iPhone 5, so I needed a bit more back support.

First slice the sides of a can so that you have a large back panel. Three panels should be adequate.

Then cut away the front panels so that it has a front lip that will keep the phone from sliding forward while still not blocking your view of the screen.

It may be easier to leave to top on, if your phone can fit comfortably underneath it.

I cut the missing top flaps with scissors, then tore them away manually.

The video shows the stand being used as an amplifier, which is moderately effective (since the aluminum echoes the sound back at you). However, the Resonator works much better for audio.